Having It All Together

In John Eldredge's book, "The Journey of Desire" , he writes:
"By the grace of God, we cannot quite pull it off.  In the quiet moments of a day we sense a nagging within, a discontentment, a hunger for something else.  But because we have not solved the riddle of our existence, we assume that something is wrong - not with life but with us."

If you're a little like me, we look at others thinking they have it all together and wonder why we don't.  Comparison is a killer of our self worth and not only that, we aren't working in our strengths.  Our strengths, not someone else's.  Sometimes I remember God only made one of me.  If that's the case, why am I not living the life He created me to live?  But just so we don't forget, we get our strengths from God.  When I read what Paul wrote in 2 Corinthians 12 it makes me back off and not get too cocky and proud.  I know that God will discipline me if I get out of line.  There are numerous examples of that in the Bible.  I am weak but, through Christ and only through Christ, do I become strong.

We need God.  Through Him we see our worth, not to ourselves or the world, but to Him.  We were created for His glory, His honor, not our own.  That's an issue that we all deal with.  Not our glory but His and until we get that squared away our life will be miserable, a total mess.  He is the only one who gives our life value and worth.  Ask Him to show you how to bring Him that honor and glory.  

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