Quick Fix

Last Christmas I was shopping, trying to get my list done in one day. Over the intercom of the store I was currently in came a voice letting us all know that the store had Christmas stamps and we didn’t have to go to the post office to get them. The post office was on my list so I figured I’d eliminate that stop. I don’t know about your post office but it always seems like there’s a huge line and only one person working. I told the checkout person I wanted about 100 stamps.
When she handed them to me I realized they had Santa Claus on them. For whatever reason I have never liked Santa, even as a child. I didn’t mind getting gifts from him but I didn’t want anything to do with the real thing. If I saw him coming down the sidewalk I’d cross to the other side to avoid him. Getting the stamps at the store cut out a stop for me but I didn’t get what I really wanted because I wanted a quick fix. I didn’t ask enough questions.
How many times have we done that? Didn’t get what we really wanted because we wanted a quick fix and didn’t want to wait. Didn’t ask enough questions. And when we got what we thought we wanted it wasn’t right. Sometimes we’re downright foolish. Proverbs speaks a lot about fools and people that are wiser. It would be a good book to read for the New Year. We could all use a little more wisdom and all we have to do is ask for it. Oh, and maybe wait and not look for a quick fix! Happy 2020.

Penny C.

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