My friendship with Pat really bonded because of socks.  My Friday Small Group had gifted me with an assortment of unique socks.  One day at the food pantry Pat noticed my socks because of the shoes I was wearing.  I thought it was kind of funny at the time but each Thursday when she saw me she’d want to see my socks.  I started wearing fun socks on Thursdays just to make her smile.  She’d tell me she had seen some socks at the store that she knew would be perfect for me.  She even bought me a cute pair of Valentine socks.  Every time I’d look at socks I’d think of her and know she’d get a kick out of them.

Pat passed away suddenly this week.  We are all in shock.  Sometimes the unexpected deaths are harder to accept than the ones you are expecting.  My Mom passed away two years ago.  My Dad passed away this October but I was expecting those outcomes.  But our friend Pat was so full of life the last time we saw her.  How could this be?

Pat’s death made me think of Pastor Mike’s sermon last Sunday, “To Believe or Not!”.  The take away that I got was that you get a life to live.  You get a choice whether to believe in Christ or not.  Romans 1:18-20 says no one has an excuse of not knowing God.  When you die there is no more time to choose.  You think you have all the time in the world but you don’t.  Death can come at any time.  Choose now to believe in Christ as Lord and Savior before it’s too late.

I won’t be seeing Pat at the food pantry any more but every time I see a pair of socks I will remember the fun we have had together.  I want to be able to bring joy into other’s lives as Pat did.  That is her legacy.  She'd love my pink leopard socks!

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