Wallets Lost

Our granddaughter has been dealing with an unexplained illness.  She’s had to wait, it seems, too long to get into the physicians that can maybe tell her what’s going on.   Many of you know what that is like – the waiting, the fear, the worry.  I have a wonderful group of ladies for my small group Bible study.  Even though we share our lives with each other on Fridays when we get together, our texting has kept us up to date on our everyday praises, heartbreak, fear, anger.  . . .  You get the point!  They’ve been praying for our granddaughter fervently.  I wanted to share a message I received from one of my sisters in Christ while she was gone on vacation but still keeping in touch with all of us through our texts.

“Good morning!  Here’s a story (the short one): Josh accidentally left his wallet in a taxi and as we sat down for breakfast at a restaurant in the city, that is when we discovered it was missing.  We all ran out in hopes of finding that same taxi in the maze of a city.  Well, we didn’t!  There’s 3,500 taxis in this town alone.  Long story short, the wallet made it back to us!  Now . . . .if God is concerned about this little thing, a wallet with cards that Josh had already cancelled, how much more so is God concerned about Miranda!  I trust God with her and what she will be told.  I love you all!!!”

What a message of hope and a reminder of God’s care for us.  In Matthew 6:25-35 Jesus is talking about worrying.  That’s really the issue.  He tells us we are more valuable than all the rest of his creation.  We will have trouble because we live in a sinful world but he will take care of us, even for the little things.  He knows what we need.  Stay close to him.

I am grateful for my small group.  Everyone needs to have one or more close confidants to pray with and for, to share life with.  Life is not easy and there’s a lot going on that can break us down.  Being isolated is one of Satan’s best tricks.  Find that special person or persons to connect with and build a close relationship.  We were created for fellowship from the beginning of time – think Adam, Eve and God.  Eccl 4:9-12 speaks of having friends.  They can help you when you have something that needs done.  If you fall down there’s someone to help you up (and there’s all sorts of ways to fall).  When it gets cold and frigid in life, two are better than one.  And, in my opinion, the most important one is if one of you needs defending the other one can step in and do it with prayer to Almighty God.  He has all the power.  A cord of three strands is not quickly broken – God, you and your friend(s).  Find one or more!

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