Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me..."

Matthew 19:14

FBCKids is one of those places that impact not only the kids that we get to serve, but the volunteers as well. It's not uncommon for the kids to leave Sunday, go home and then ask, 'Is it time to go back to church tomorrow?'
We LOVE that! We know that it is because Jesus has caught their hearts and the seed is beginning to grow.
We have a private VIP room (directly behind the chapel) for new mothers and babies where you can nurse, relax, and still enjoy the service. We invite you to bring your crawlers/toddlers, all the way up to your 5th/6th Graders, to FBCKids Ministry!  They will learn about Christ and His Word in many different, applicable ways for each age group. Many of the kids will take home projects that will keep the learning and growing alive throughout the week.

Once you're here, we'll get you and the kids safely and securely checked in. We value their safety and your identity on a very high level. If at any time you have questions about what we do, who has access, etc., please feel free to ask us. We take this aspect of ministry very seriously!
That way you can settle in, worship God, and allow Him to speak to you as we teach your kids about Jesus!

Sunday Mornings

9:00am-10:10am: Children under 1st grade have activities in our Kindergarten and Pre-K areas. During the summer months there are no Elementary classes at the 9 am service.

11am-12:10pm: Children activities for all ages in our Pre-K, Kindergarten and Elementary areas.

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