Serving Rocks!

Jesus came to serve, not to be served. Somehow, the 'church' in America has lost sight of that and has sat back and watched the smaller group of volunteers serve the larger group of consumers. No where in Scripture does it say to sit back and take, consume in worship. Sundays are all about loving God and loving the people He connected us all to. On top of that, there are literally thousands of people every Sunday looking for a church community, a place they can call home. But when they get to 'church' they don't see a lot of community serving together in some places. No clear signage in the parking lot or on the building to know where to park or where to enter the church. No one inside holding the door for them or directing them to the kids area or even where to sit. To top it off, nobody will speak to them because they're new and that should be SOMEBODY else's job. IF they make it through the service they can't hit the door fast enough to get away and go look elsewhere!
I'm not talking about First Baptist Church here. Though we are 'missing it' on a couple of points, we're making progress to make sure this doesn't occur in our place. But here's the point -
the same people that are already serving CAN'T DO MORE! It takes a village to raise the kids, right? So we are looking to you to step up and get into the habit of serving. Let's face it - if Christ came back today to see how His church was doing, He'd be disappointed to see what's going on. 20-30% of the people doing 80% of the work is NOT His model. Don't worry about letting me down. I'm not the one you're serving. Christ calls us over and over again to serve one another - so maybe it's time we got after that morsel and started jumping in.
Let me encourage you to listen and watch for those moments where your passion, skills, desires can actually be used on occasion to bless the body of Christ. We're not asking for hours every week. Some areas only require 20 minutes to serve, and sometimes that's only once a month! Wow! Talk about easy peesy!
If you don't know where to start, please find me and we'll walk through some simple things to find you a place.
And once you're in,  you'll be glad you made the plunge to not only live like Jesus and love like Jesus, now you're serving like Jesus!

Be blessed in His Service!

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